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Zakat Al-Maal

Fulfil your obligation when you provide for the poor and needy with your Zakat Al-Maal through Zakat House

Pay your Zakat Al-Maal

Zakat Al-Maal that’s distributed to those most in need

Zakat Al-Maal is an obligation given by Allah the Most High to every Muslim who becomes the owner of a specific amount of wealth known as the “Nisab”.

In most cases, the “Nisab” is equal to 87.48 grams of gold and 612.36 grams of silver. When one’s wealth is equal to or more than this specific amount, it becomes obligatory upon him or her to take a portion of their wealth and give it as charity for distribution to eligible recipients, including the poor and needy.

When you give your Zakat Al-Maal with Zakat House Australia, we make sure to distribute it to those most in need, as delivered in our deen.

Pay your Zakat Al-Maal