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Zakat House

A powerful legacy.
A bright future.

We focus on relieving hardship in some of the world’s most poverty-stricken regions.

Building a better world since 1989

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Our Projects

Where there are crises, we are on the ground working closely with local communities, supporting people in need through projects in Lebanon and across Asia and Africa.

Zakat Al-Fitr

Provide for the poor and needy when you fulfil your Zakat Al-Fitr with Zakat House

Orphan Sponsorship

Give direct support and relief to orphans and their families when you donate with Zakat House

Food Parcels

Our Food Parcels programs provide the most poverty-stricken families of Lebanon with essential food products.

Build a Water Well

Providing disadvantaged communities with a clean and safe water source that will saves lives and reduces hardship

Zakat Al-Maal

Fulfil your obligation when you provide for the poor and needy with your Zakat Al-Maal through Zakat House

General Donations

General donations given domestically and internationally which may include schools, mosques or other Sadaqa Jariyah initiatives.

Lebanon Appeal

Provide for the essential needs of struggling families in Lebanon with Zakat House

United and powered by trust, knowledge and the kindness of many

Our philosophy is simple, obvious and forthcoming. When it comes to our work as a charitable organisation, Zakat House focuses our efforts, time and resources on a unified cause and targeted.

Directly providing for the poor and needy in Lebanon for over 30 years

Our journey started in 1989, with the launch of our “Orphan Sponsorship” program. Developed to provide for the needs of vulnerable orphans in Northern Lebanon, our initial year saw us assist 12 orphans.

A quick gesture from you can go a long way for them

Select Project

Select a project to empower and support local communities and people in need.

Donate & Benefit Community

See your donation provide for the poor and needy and trust us to distribute your donation.

Qurban to Lebanon

Qurban to Asia

Build a well in Cambodia

Build a well in Uganda

Build a well in Nigeria

40 Smiles for 40 Orphans on