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Our Philosophy

United and powered by trust, knowledge and the kindness of many

Our philosophy is simple, obvious and forthcoming. When it comes to our work as a charitable organisation, Zakat House focuses our efforts, time and resources on a unified cause and targeted geographical locations. Through all our projects and initiatives, we are efficient and effective in meeting the support needs of the aged, poor and needy, especially for the disadvantaged communities of Lebanon and some of the most poverty-stricken regions in the world.
Beyond our work overseas, Zakat House engages in local activities and events that encourage young Muslims and their families in Australia to make a positive impact on their local communities. In particular, we promote the importance of education, showcasing examples of educational success to encourage our youth to pursue academic pathways that enrich their lives in all aspects.

Supporting many causes

Where there are crises, we are on the ground working closely with local communities, supporting people in need.