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Our Story

Directly providing for the poor and needy in Lebanon for over 30 years

Our journey started as Bayt Al-Zakat in 1989 with the launch of the “Orphan Sponsorship” program. The program was developed to cater for the needs of vulnerable orphans in Northern Lebanon, providing them with essential food and shelter.

Making a meaningful difference

Since establishing the Orphan Sponsorship program as Bayt Al-Zakat, Zakat House has been able to make a meaningful difference to hundreds of children who had lost their parents and were left to fend for themselves. With your support, we continue to provide for and make sure these orphans experience the future they deserve.

Supporting many causes

Over the years, Zakat House has continued to grow and evolve. Our initiatives and projects expanded, supporting all disadvantaged groups within Lebanon and beyond. Our Qurban-Adahi (sacrificial animals), Food Parcels, Zakat Al-Fitr, Zakat Al-Maal, Sadaqah/general donations and Ramadan-based assistance programs, in addition to Lebanon, also assist struggling families across Asia and Africa and help them get back on their feet.

Locally, Zakat House was the first to initiate and honour our ‘Muslim High Achievers’ for their success in sitting and excelling in the NSW Higher School Certificate. Starting with 8 students in 1998, we now award 100 students each year.

In this initiative, we are wholly dedicated to encouraging positive contributions to our local communities and overseas, as a part of our mission to cater for the needs of the interconnected communities in Australia and Lebanon.

From Bayt Al-Zakat Australia to Zakat House

As of 2022, we embark on an exciting new phase of our history as we rebrand ourselves from Bayt Al-Zakat to Zakat House.

As Zakat House, we aim to build on the legacy of Bayt Al-Zakat by realising our aspiration to grow our global work and impact more people around the world, while also continuing to strengthen our established programs initiatives.

The Value of Your Support

Our team brings together the most passionate and hard-working members and leaders of our local community. With your generosity and kindness, Zakat House has been able to reach and provide for thousands of families, especially in Lebanon.

Together, we are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable communities and promoting initiatives that move forward with these goals, within Australia and overseas.

Thanks to your support, in 2022 we currently...

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Supporting many causes

Where there are crises, we are on the ground working closely with local communities, supporting people in need.