Give a Dollar a Day

Our History

Directly providing for the poor and needy in Lebanon for over 30 years

Our journey started in 1989, with the launch of our “Orphan Sponsorship” program. Developed to provide for the needs of vulnerable orphans in Northern Lebanon, our initial year saw us assist 12 orphans and their families.


Determined to give vulnerable orphans and their families a better future, Zakat House, initially named Bayt Al-Zakat, launched an Orphan Sponsorship program, headed by the late Hajj Adib Marabani. Working with Zakat Charity House (Bayt Al-Zakat Wal Khayrat), we delivered essential food products and services to 12 orphans in Northern Lebanon.


Bayt Al-Zakat welcomed new members Hajj Hisham Krayem, the late Sheikh Khalil Chami, Hajj Mohamad Chami and many other esteemed members onto our management committee.

1998 (1/2)

In our ongoing mission to provide for the poor and needy, Bayt Al-Zakat launched these new projects:

  • Qurban (Adahi) project provides impoverished families in Lebanon with sacrificial meat to mitigate hunger and deprivation. Our initial year saw us help 570 vulnerable people.
  • Ramadhan projects (Zakat Al-Fitr, Frozen Meats and Food Parcels) to ensure that essential aid is offered to underprivileged individuals during the holy month.

1998 (2/2)

Bayt Al-Zakat also launched the HSC Award night to honour the Muslim youth who have excelled in their Higher School Certificate (HSC). With this initiative, we aimed to instil within our young brothers and sisters the drive to value education and pursue their goals.


The new office (47A Wangee Road, Lakemba) for Bayt Al-Zakat was opened. The official Bayt al Zakat website also launched.


Bayt Al-Zakat was successfully registered as a Charitable organisation with the ACNC (The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission).


Our Food Parcels initiative became a continuous program running all year round, distributing more essentials to those in need.


With an aspiration to grow and help more people, Bayt Al-Zakat was rebranded as Zakat House, connecting with more audiences within our local communities and beyond.

Supporting many causes

Where there are crises, we are on the ground working closely with local communities, supporting people in need.