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Why focus on Lebanon?

The ongoing crisis in Lebanon has left thousands of families struggling to make ends meet.

Help alleviate the crisis in Lebanon

An ongoing crisis

In an ideal world, with unlimited resources available to support charitable causes, Zakat House would provide for the poor or disadvantaged in every country, regardless of background, race or religion. However, our personal ties to Lebanon and our knowledge of the ongoing struggle or turmoil affecting the Lebanese people have meant that Lebanon has always been our natural focus.

The Growing Vulnerability of Many Lebanese Families

Our families and local community have heard first-hand the devastation the ongoing conflict and economic crisis have caused on families and loved ones. Devastation causing injuries and casualties that have contributed to increasing numbers of orphaned children and widowed women and extended the list of people who are homeless, unemployed, sick, disabled, disadvantaged or otherwise vulnerable and impoverished.

Your gift to Lebanon Matters

With the above in mind, our efforts in Lebanon aim to help as many people as possible. That’s why we take the utmost care, sincerity and dedication to ensure the poor and needy in these regions meet their daily needs. We want our work to truly help people break their cycle of poverty, regain some dignity, and receive some respect and reassurance.

Help alleviate the crisis in Lebanon