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Ramadan is
your chance

Earn your rewards from Allah, use your zakat and sadaqah in this holy month to aid the ummah.

Support out projects in this holy month

Where there are crises, we are on the ground working closely with local communities, supporting people in need through projects in Lebanon and across Asia and Africa.

Build a Water Well

Providing disadvantaged communities with a clean and safe water source that will saves lives and reduces hardship

Zakat Al-Maal

Fulfil your obligation when you provide for the poor and needy with your Zakat Al-Maal through Zakat House

General Donations

General donations given domestically and internationally which may include schools, mosques or other Sadaqa Jariyah initiatives.

Orphan Sponsorship

Give direct support and relief to orphans and their families when you donate with Zakat House

Download our Ramadan Calendar

Our calendar outlines this year’s Ramadan prayer times, as well as Ramadan fasting times for Suhoor and Iftar!

Automate your donations and Catch Laylatul Qadr

Automate your donations over the last ten nights of Ramadan, to ensure you catch Laylatul Qadr

A quick gesture from you can go a long way for them in this holy month

Select Project

Select a project to empower and support local communities and people in need.

Donate & Benefit Community

See your donation provide for the poor and needy and trust us to distribute your donation.

Build a well in Cambodia

Build a well in Uganda

Build a well in Nigeria

Dollar a Day: Infinite Possibilities